The Salt Lake Domestic Violence Coalition is pleased to offer emergency financial assistance to survivors of domestic violence. Please read the following information carefully for more information about the program and how to apply. Thank you!

The Emergency Assistance Program is made possible through generous donations by Discover.

Only victim advocates or caseworkers may request emergency funds on behalf of a domestic violence victim. We are not able to accept applications directly from victims/survivors or from an agency whose primary function is something other than serving victims of crime.

The referring party must, in some way, be associated with SLDVC (participate in monthly community meetings, involved in planning committees, Board of Directors or Executive Committee, etc.). Please review our website or email us at info@sldvc.org for more information on how to get involved.

Who can apply for the Emergency Assistance Program funds? Crime victim advocates/case managers working with domestic violence victims MUST submit applications to SLDVC on behalf of domestic violence victims. SLDVC does NOT provide case management.

What will the Emergency Assistance Program pay for? The emergency fund is designed to be of last resort, so all other options for financial support should be explored first. The request should be connected to a recent domestic victimization or a recent emergency connected to a crime victimization (i.e. perpetrator is being released and there are needs related to safety.)

Important things to note about the Emergency Assistance Program: Expenses must be reasonable and limitations will be set on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, SLDVC will pay vendors directly (i.e. landlords, day cares, utility companies, etc.). Every application and situation is unique. Approvals are made on a case-by-case basis.

Basic Living NeedsReceipt
Rental AssistanceSigned lease w/applicant’s name on it
Utilities (start up or current bill)Current bill with applicant’s name on bill
Day CareDay care facility bill w/child’s name on it
DivorceDivorce classes, filing fees
MedicalCopy of the bill, dates, applicant’s nameNO NARCOTICS will be reimbursed
TherapyApplicant must use CVR and own insurance before emergency funds are utilized
Relocation (Bus, Amtrak)Date & time of departure, method of travelCopy of the ticket and receipt

How To Apply: An application can be found HERE. Download and save to your computer before filling out (data won’t be saved if filled out on-line). Submit completed application by emailing it to info@sldvc.org.