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What We Do

The Salt Lake Domestic Violence Coalition (SLDVC) provides a monthly forum to unite community members who believe a coordinated effort in ending domestic violence. Participation in monthly meetings help to network with others, provide support for individual efforts and increase the effectiveness of providing services for victims.

Members of the SLDVC organize and raise money for events to raise awareness and improve resources for domestic violence. These event include but not limited to 5K, Peace On Earth Awards, candle light vigil and the Clothesline Project.

Read more about our events Upcoming Events so you won’t miss an opportunity to get involved!  We look forward to getting out in the community and engaging in conversations about current issues, resources, and what we can do to make a difference.

Our History

The Salt lake Domestic Violence Coalition (SLDVC) was established in 1992 in response to the need for public awareness for the issue of domestic violence. As well as bring about a unity of social service organizations who could meet the needs of those living in abusive relationships, and those trying to leave.

For over over 20 years, SLDVC has united community leaders, treatment providers, victim advocates, police officers, shelters, attorney’s and more who are committed to the mission of preventing and eliminating domestic violence. The effects of domestic violence reach beyond the individual homes and families, it effects entire communities. We have recognized the importance of increasing awareness and coordinated effort in making strides against this pervasive social problem.