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If you are unable to view the Clothesline Project at one of our events throughout the year, we welcome your respectful viewing of the on-line gallery. Clothesline Project t-shirts are designed by abuse survivors or family members of homicide victims. Designing a t-shirt provides a place for victims to have a voice and share an aspect of their experience with the community, including other abuse survivors. We hope those who have experienced such abuse will know they are not alone. Be advised that we do not censor the messages depicted on t-shirts. We hope you will take the time to consider the realities of abuse as it is experienced by so many people.

The Clothesline Project t-shirts are generally color coded but may vary depending on the organization or individual who contributed them. White-represents a woman who died because of violence; Yellow/Beige-represents battered or assaulted women; Red/Pink/Orange-represents survivors of rape or sexual assault; Blue/Green-represents survivors of incest or sexual abuse; Purple/Lavender-represents women attacked because of their sexual orientation.

We appreciate our community partners who have shared some of the t-shirts shown below and who participate in the project but also sincerely thank those who have courageously shared their stories by designing a t-shirt. What will you have the courage to do after viewing the project?

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